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In appreciation to the future market and demand of Human Resources related to Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence. We provide Training , Counselling and Internship to fewer freshers and professionals selected under our criteria.

Our career support services is designed to help professionals and students to get jobs and pursue their higher education in major parts of world especially in Germany.

CCTV Sales

Closed Circuit television (CCTV) is a very useful instrument for many reasons. CCTV technology has brought to the world are plentiful. CCTV cameras and security cameras made specifically for your business and preventing crimes.

Image Processing

Image Processing application help in getting real and useful information from the inputs of CCTV cameras. It also provides full monitoring and alerts to you while you are not away from your places.

Career Support

We as a group supporting talents to pursue career overseas in German University and also provide career coaching facility which helps students to prepare in unleashing great opportunity in future. Read more

About Us

IMGAPTI is initiative by group of professionals and alumnus from top institutes including IITs in the space of Digital Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence. We are currently working on multiple products related to Security and Internet Based Applications. We also provide consulting and solutions in various industries such as Healthcare, Education & Retails.

We are helping students with excellent academics to pursue their research and PHD under the guidance of top German professors.


Sunil Yadav

CEO / Co-Founder

Alumnus of Panjab University, IIT-R, FU Berlin.

Area of Interest: Geometry Processing & Computer Vision. View more


Anant A

Business Developer

View more



Our career support services are as follows

  • University search and selection: Assistance in University search and selection process for appropriate education. We take your hand in ours and assist you in choosing the right University, Course/Major and Country/State.
  • Application Processing: We help you put together the application file with the required documents – qualification certificates, letters of recommendation, reason for aspiring to the course / university or statement of purpose and many more.
  • Admission: We have a high success rate of placing students as we assess profiles carefully and suggest appropriate options taking into consideration both merit of the student and the university and financial matters as well.
  • Visa Process Guidance: We help you in the preparation of your visa documents ensuring that your application is as error free as possible and adequate in all respects.
  • Course consultations: Course consultations, Career Coaching and job skill training: We help you to select the course that best fits your future career and provide appropriate job skill training that helps you find a suitable job.
  • Other Training:We also help students, college inturns and professionals in training and live project certification in latest technology including Front enc, Back end, Full Stack OpenCV and AI/ML. Read more
  • Other Services: Other services includes immigration and investment consultation for making overall process smooth.

We are available for work with you for you

We provide customized digital security solutions and committed to provide the best monitorning and survillence system in India, USA and Europe. Our continous effort to bring the product design efficient and value added for our customer.