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In appreciation to the future market and demand of Human Resources related to Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence. We provide Training , Counselling and Internship to fewer fresheres and professionals selected under our criteria.

CCTV Sales

Closed Circuit television (CCTV) is a very useful instrument for many reasons. CCTV technology has brought to the world are plentiful. CCTV cameras and security cameras made specifically for your business and preventing crimes.

Image Processing

Image Processing application help in getting real and useful information from the inputs of CCTV cameras. It also provides full monitoring and alerts to you while you are not away from your places.

Artificial Intelligence

The world is composed of three-dimensional objects, but the inputs to the human eye and CCTV cameras are two dimensional. Some useful programs can work solely in two dimensions, but full computer vision requires partial three-dimensional information using two-dimensional views.